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Created by Lee Roy Kunz and Katherine Montgomery



a·pos·tate  əˈpäˌstāt,  əˈpästət



a person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle.


abandoning a religious or political belief or principle.

Eliza disappears while doing a student project on young men that have been kicked out of a Fundamentalist sect of the Mormon Church. Her older sister Ivy and estranged ex-husband, Noah, travel to the small polygamous town of Colorado City Utah, to try and find her. They butt heads with a Mormon female detective from Salt Lake City that has been put on the case.



“It is better that one man should perish than that a nation should dwindle and perish in unbelief.”

Nephi: 4:13

(The Book of Mormon)

“Behold the Lord slayeth the wicked to bring forth his righteous purposes. It is better that one man should perish than that a nation should dwindle and perish in unbelief.”

 Nephi: 4:13 

(The Book of Mormon)

“Behold the Lord slayeth the wicked to bring forth his righteous purposes. It is better that one man should perish than that a nation should dwindle and perish in unbelief.”

 Nephi: 4:13 

(The Book of Mormon)


Season One will focus on Colorado City, Arizona. An isolated town framed by the red rock cliffs of the Grand Canyon was founded in 1913 by a breakaway extremist group from the Mormon Church.  For generations, the FLDS leadership has had total control over this desert outpost, selecting the mayors, the city council and even the town marshals without any problems. In recent years allegations that the town has been violating residents' civil rights, allowing the church to use public officials to run members who left the faith – "apostates" in FLDS parlance – out of town, denying utility hookups and even spying on citizens.

 plural marriage. 


Their church prophet speaks directly to God and communicates God’s will.


strong division--even opposition--between the faithful and the unfaithful. 


 Apostates and informants often wake to find slaughtered animals hanging from their porches as threats and warnings.





Mormon. Lives in Sandy, Utah outside of Salt Lake City. She has three daughters and character arc through the story is that she cannot continue to raise them Mormon after what she’s seen;

will uncover some further mormon crimes along the way of this investigation. By the end of the story, she will apostate, after being confronted and fully educated on the Mormon church, their founding, and their true beliefs. She can no longer raise her three daughters in such a sexist oppressive church where.




Ex-marine. PTSD-ridden military investigator, trying to be functional and good, trauma comes through in bursts. Wife waited for him while he was overseas working as an investigator in the army, but he kept extending his time--addicted to being in a warzone, breaking his promises to her again and again. He was caught planting evidence on suspected terrorists and having them detained. A wide and accepted practice, he feels very slighted and ramrodded. He was used to make an example of it,eventually discharged for his crimes, and even though they were severe and that he was lucky to get off with only a discharge and subsequent cover up. Believes he is beyond good and evil, thinks he’s a nihilist, thinks he’s further gone than he is, thinks that he’s made peace with the fact that there is no good or evil, doesn’t believe that justice exists, revenge feels good. He’ll seemingly be on a path to redemption as he attempts to reconcile with his estranged wife, but once his deep-rooted trauma and violence comes through and ruins a chance for that, he’ll ultimately find himself spiraling swiftly downward and taking the whole town of Short Creek with him.



Older sister of Eliza, early 30s, more of a mother figure to younger sister, only goal is to find her sister and calling estranged ex-husband to help is somewhat of a desperate last resort. She is trusting and earnest, eager to see the good in people, which will ultimately be her downfall. She loved Noah, had only really been with him and a few other men. But while he was away, indulging in his addiction to war rather than returning to their marriage as promised, Ivy met and partnered with another man. When Noah returned—suddenly, unannounced, and in a shroud of PTSD- he nearly beat her partner to death, permanently blinding the man in one eye, and breaking his jaw and cheek bone. After the violent attack, she finalized the divorce and cut off contact with him completely. Because he was still married to her, the judge game Noah leniency and suspended his sentence to time served. We’re led to believe that Noah and Ivy are building towards some sort of reconciliation through the series, but ultimately he is too violent and damaged for this to come to fruition, and once they are estranged once more, he fully loses any shred of control he had been able to hang onto.





College student. Girl, late teens, disappeared some time ago, case has recently stopped being investigated. We spend most of the first season thinking that she has either been killed or taken by the leaders of the FLDS as a “seed bearer” decreed by Warren Jeffs to carefully-bred a population loyal only to him. However, we ultimately realize that she has been taken as a wife for the Lost Boys--the cast out members of the community that have ultimately been so deeply radicalized

that they cannot escape from the ideologies and realities of FLDS life and have begun their own competing population in Short Creek to get back at Warren Jeffs for abandoning them



We follow their stories as protagonists trying to fight against The Prophet and The Sect. Cast out by Warren Jeffs but increasingly refusing to leave town. Attempting to build up their own competing sect of FLDS-type polygamist Mormonism, radicalized to such an extent that they’re unable to gain perspective on the church, are only able to emulate its actions and values, fully brainwashed group of young men who at first seem to be extremely helpful to the Ivy and Noah but we discover over time that they are trying to gain her trust to turn her against the church and lure her in rather than help her find her sister. The boys really just want girls so they can start their own polygamous community. Brigham, preaches to the other boys that they are the true FLDS and that Warren Jeffs is leading them astray and they must set up their own community. Some of the younger boys, just want to contact their mothers and sisters because they miss them.




Owner of B&B OAKLEY


POLICE CHIEF GIDEON: Corruption, simple, selfish



Warren Jeffs-type figure, very
soft spoken and quiet, allows the couple in to investigate but is very tight-lipped and sinister, often surrounded by young women, giving the impression that he is in some way involved in the kidnapping or killing of the sister character. He is evasive, shady, eerily smooth and soft spoken. Polite, curt, and cool—chilly, even—apologetic for the loss of the Eliza but similarly to the police he suggests an array of alternative sets of circumstances that might have led to her disappearance. We find out he is a pedofile with many young child wives. He goes on the run when police issue a warrant for his arrest.