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Created by Lee Roy Kunz and Katherine Montgomery

a·pos·tate  əˈpäˌstāt,  əˈpästət



a person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle.


abandoning a religious or political belief or principle.

Eliza, a nineteen-year-old journalist major, disappears while doing a student project on a fundamentalist sect of the Mormon Church.

Eliza's older sister, Ivy, and her estranged ex-husband, Noah, travel to the small polygamous town of Colorado City, Utah to try and find her.


“This is loving your neighbour as ourselves; if he needs help, help him; and if he wants salvation and it is necessary to spill his blood on the earth in order that he may be saved, spill it.”

- Prophet Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, v. 4, p. 220


Each season will have a new story and characters in a different setting.


The throughline of our show will be religious inspired crimes and Detective Perish, our Mormon female detective from Salt Lake City will be our through line through it all.



“Behold the Lord slayeth the wicked to bring forth his righteous purposes. It is better that one man should perish than that a nation should dwindle and perish in unbelief.”

 Nephi: 4:13 

(The Book of Mormon)


Season One will focus on adjoining towns of Colorado City AZ and Hildale UT. An isolated community framed by the red rock cliffs of the Grand Canyon that was founded in 1913 by a breakaway extremist group from the Mormon Church.  

 For generations, the FLDS leadership has had total control over this desert outpost, selecting the mayors, the city council and even the town marshals without any problems. In recent years allegations that the town has been violating residents' civil rights, allowing the church to use public officials to run members who left the faith – "apostates" in FLDS parlance – out of town, denying utility hookups and even spying on citizens.

 The FDLS still practices plural marriage. They do so upon the guidance of their prophet and leader Warren Jeffs. Jeffs is believed by his congregation to speak directly to God.




 Strong division--even opposition--between the faithful and the unfaithful. Apostates and informants often wake to find slaughtered animals hanging from their porches as threats and warnings.


In Mormonism, blood atonement is a controversial doctrine that taught that some crimes are so heinous that the atonement of Jesus does not apply. Instead, to atone for these sins the perpetrators should be killed in a way that would allow their blood to be shed upon the ground as a sacrificial offering.


The doctrine is no longer accepted by  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but was important church doctrine during the Mormon Reformation when Brigham Young governed the Utah Territory as a near-theocracy. It, however, remains important doctrine within Mormon fundamentalism. 



A devout Mormon, mother, and wife, in that order. Born and raised in Sandy, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City, her father was a Church Elder who raised her to be a submissive housewife. However, a gifted genius in school, a master of multiple languages, with a strong will, grit, and fortitude, she disobeyed her father and moved to Quantico, Virginia after being recruited by the FBI. She was the first in her class at the academy. However, she fell in love with another Mormon that was ultimately rejected from the FBI.


After getting pregnant, and the shotgun marriage that followed, she dropped out of the academy and returned to Salt Lake with her husband who she now has three daughters with. Born rich, she is an affluent respected member of her community. Living as a housewife, she fell into a deep dark depression and her husband offered to stay home with the kids and allow her to work. She only two years into her Detective career when we first meet her. She will be exposed to some of the worst aspects of humanity and, being a mother of three girls, eventually apostate from the Mormon faith. She will tell her husband she can longer raise her three girls in a faith that treats women as second-class citizens, flesh for pleasure and breeding, that has been so oppressive to her own spirit and soul. 






Born and raised Irish Catholic. An ex-marine with PTSD. Noah was a military investigator, caught planting evidence on a suspected terrorist in Kabul. Dishonorably discharged, for what was a wide and accepted practice, Noah feels betrayed and ramrodded, a sheep offered up to the slaughter by the U.S military. His wife, Ivy, was waiting for him while he was overseas but he kept extending his time- addicted to being in a war zone. Breaking his promises to her again, his wife eventually left him, and getting her back remains his current obsession.


A late-blooming philosopher, the brooding nihilist type, he believes he is beyond good and evil and is further gone than he really is. Noah will begin a path toward redemption as he attempts to reconcile with his wife while helping her search for her missing sister, Eliza. However, when his deep-rooted trauma and violent nature meets an insidious violence far than his own, he will spiral out of control and bring the firey flames of hell to earth to the people of the small cultish town. 




The loving, late-blooming ultra left-wing liberal, and estranged wife of Noah. A mother figure to her sister, Eliza, who has gone missing: her only goal is to find her and bring her home safely. 

While Noah was away, indulging his addiction to war rather than returning to their marriage as promised, Ivy partnered with another man. When Noah returned— he nearly beat the man to death, permanently blinding him in one eye. After the attack,  she cut off all contact with him. But desperate, and receiving no help from local police, she asks Noah t help find her sister.


We’re led to believe that Noah and she are building toward a reconciliation, but ultimately he is too damaged. When her disengagement and coldness to him becomes apparent, Noah will lose the last shred of control he was holding onto. Trusting and earnest, her kindness and eagerness to see the good in people, will ultimately be her downfall. Ivy will find herself fighting for her life in the brutal unforgiving desert, against an evil beyond mosts comprehension. She will prove in her will to survive that she is much tougher, intelligent and resourceful than anyone gave her credit for. 


A motivated, idealist and social activist in her first-year as a journalism major. Fearless and stubborn, Eliza disappeared while doing a side journalism project on "The Lost Boys" (young boys cast out of the FLDS) during her winter break.  We are introduced to her in the first scene of the pilot and spend the majority of the first season thinking that she has either been killed or taken by the leaders of the FLDS as a "seed bearer." A seed bearer is an individual, common within the sect,  decreed by Warren Jeffs to constantly be pregnant by carefully selected high-ranking males within the church, to breed a population of Mormons loyal only to him. However, we ultimately realize that she has been kidnapped by the Lost Boys--the cast out members of the FLDS community.  They seem friendly at first but have ultimately been so deeply radicalized they cannot escape from the ideologies and  have founded their own competing polygamous sect, in the desert, just outisde of town.



A Warren Jeffs-type figure, soft-spoken and creepy, he is a shadowy figure that is more talked about than seen. When we do see him, he remains tight-lipped and sinister, often surrounded by young women.


pedophile with many young child wives and past relationships with young boys, he does not want the police looking into his affairs. Confronted with the possibility of a deeper police investigation, it becomes in his vital self-interest to find out who kidnapped or killed Eliza. He genuinely becomes the biggest, most helpful ally to Detective Perish, Ivy, and Noah in their search for Ivy. Evasive, shady, and eerily smooth he rubs Noah the wrong way and soon finds himself on trial for his crimes in the people's court of Noah, castrated and tortured in the desert, just as federal police issue a warrant for his arrest for pedophilia.






We follow their stories as the active protagonists trying to fight against The Prophet and The Sect. Cast out by Warren Jeffs to create more child brides for the older men. They are increasingly refusing to leave town and living together in little communities outside of town.


Attempting to build up their own competing sect of FLDS-type polygamist Mormonism. They are a radicalized brainwashed group of young men who have kidnapped and impregnated Eliza to be a seed bearer for their cult.  At first, they seem to be extremely helpful to Detective Perish, Ivy, and Noah, but are only trying to cover their tracks and ultimately gain Ivy's trust in order to lure her into the trap of becoming a second"seed bearer" in their own polygamous community.


Like any group, there are competing agendas and beliefs. Brigham, the oldest boy, preaches to the other boys that they are the true FLDS and that Warren Jeffs has been led astray by Satan. But some the younger boys, especially Noah, just want to rejoin their families, and even want to help Ivy and Eliza escape the hell they have found themselves in. 





Eliza....insert short synopsis


Detective Perish does not tell Police Chief Gideon about the tunnels and submits a request to a judge in Salt Lake for a warrant to bug them but gets denied. She spends the rest of the episode trying to get The Prophet to meet with her but to no avail. Ivy and Noah continue their investigation. Noah is suspicious of The Lost Boys but Ivy takes pity on them, buys them groceries and even helps one of the younger Lost Boy’s help his sister to escape the The Sect driving the Lost Boy and his sister all way to their aunts in Salt Lake City in a harrowing escape. Security measures increase; everywhere in and around town, Noah and Ivy are followed by members from the sect and tensions rise between them and Detective Perish. At the end of the episode, Noah and Ivy become suspicious of Porter, the B&B owner when they find out that he and Eliza were romantically involved.

Detective Perish has a meeting with The Prophet. He is evasive, shady, eerily smooth and soft-spoken. Young girls are nearby but won’t make eye contact and refuse to answer any of her questions. The Prophet is apologetic for the loss of the girl but suggests an array of alternative sets of circumstances that might have led to her disappearance. Porter, the owner of the B&B is investigated and arrested by Police Chief Gideon. Detective Perish interviews him but is very convinced he is innocent. She tries to release him but Police Chief Gideon refuses. Meanwhile, Noah and Ivy go to church. They try and stop them but Noah forces his way in. The Prophet is in the middle of his sermon. All of people there, the women, the children, the men they hate him and they let it be known. Noan and Ivy slowly exits the church. The Prophet still refuses to talk him. Heated confrontation between man and the prophet in which the man stands at the gate, shaking it and yelling for the prophet’s attention. By this point the prophet has stopped cooperating. Police Chief Gideon arrests Ivy and Noah for harassment and puts Porter and Noah in a cell together alone.


All the local corruption is making Detective Perish’s investigation impossible: “For generations, Church leadership has had total control over this desert outpost on the edge of the Grand Canyon, selecting the mayors, the city council and even the town marshals without any problem. But in recent years, the DOJ has been investigating allegations that the two towns have been violating residents' civil rights, allowing the church to use public officials to run members who left the faith – "apostates" in FLDS parlance – out of town, denying utility hookups and even spying on citizens.” Detective Perish gets her hands on the bank records of Police Chief Gidon and gets him removed from the case. Noah and Porter are released from jail. Noah seems to trust Porter now but. Ivy is still deeply suspicious him which intenses when Porter disappears without a trace shortly after being released from prison.


Detective Perish finds out that Bartholemew is one who called about tip that she was missing and got whole investigation off to to. The Lost Boys tell Noah and Ivy about the tunnels and how to get to The Prophet’s house. Noah finds a room of the basement of the church where the prophet keeps his newest wives under close supervision of older wives as they are groomed into submission. He steals some evidence and gives it to Detective Perish. A record of something that allows Texas authorities to finally raid a compound in Texas. There is a raid on compound in Texas. A lot of girls who are suspected to have been moved around from one compound to the other. But they won’t talk. The girls are either too radicalized or too terrified. So the girls are returned. They have no choice. Ivy and Noah make love for the first time, their relationship getting stronger and better.



Two Mormons from sect wreck Noah’s car. Noah subdues them. He breaks one of their arms and busts the other guy in the mouth, knocking his front teeth out. Detective Perish finds a clue when she gets Eliza’s icloud footage released which leads her to an Indian Reservation in Arizona





Detective Perish follows a false lead to Arizona. She brings Noah with her as backup. Detective Perish ends up saving a bunch of girls, from all over, many Native American girls and a few white girls, from being transported to Las Vegas or Los Angeles. She thinks she saves Eliza but she actually saves some other girl instead. Noah saves Detective Perish’s life.


Perhaps she stumbles upon them, or follows one of them out into the desert. Ivy is finally reunited with her now-pregnant sister, but only in the captivity of the Lost Boy. Ivy realizes that he has begun his own sect, which he says is his—and the boys’—only chance at redemption in the eyes of God after having been thrown out of theFLDS. These boys are simply fulfilling what they’ve always been taught to believe is the religious destiny for members of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints. They tell Ivy she is going to be kept there, as all of their brides, to bring in new babies to their FLDS church. And that eventually she’ll be a good wife. Bartholemew, helps Eliza and Ivy, escape and is killed in the process.

Detective Perish struggles with her family in Utah. After almost being killed her husband wants her to quit but she can’t. Ivy and Noah are closer than ever, fully in love again at this point and even talking about getting married again.  Noah kidnaps one of the Chosen Members of the Church and attempts to get information out of him. He’s too pious to betray his Prophet. Noah then attempts to use him as leverage in exchange for Eliza. The Prophet doesn’t budge. Noah, realizing that the member would rather die a martyr than betray his faith, has no choice but to let him go. Meanwhile, Ivy is now deep into the world of the Lost Boys, who she believes are helping her. Ivy is taken by the Lost Boys to their compound. Maybe out in abandoned mining structures out in the rocks of the Arizona Strip.




Noah returns to town. He can’t find Ivy. Meanwhile Ivy and Eliza meanwhile is still fighting for her life in the desert. Hiding all night, they find Mormon girl clothes and put them on. Noah goes into a panic mode and drives around all night, looking for Ivy. He can’t find her and when he finds something that makes him believe that Ivy is dead. Noah loses it, he goes to the hardware store and has the look a dead man walking. Noah sits in his truck watching all the town people enter church, including mostly women and children. After the doors are closed. Noah calmly gets out of the truck, and begin to chain all the doors shut, blocking all exits, and begin to dose the entire church with gasoline. Noah lights the match and the church goes up in flames. Noah just stands there in awe listening to the men, women, and children of the sect The Prophet scream and yell in horror as they are burned alive, and bang on the doors to get out. Detective Perish shows up to try and arrest Noah but Noah kills himself after burning down the church. All is lost: Detective Perish thinks that Ivy and Eliza are dead and has to deal with the fallout. However, they are still alive. The Lost Boys have recaptured them and keeping them in their compound.




Detective Perish renounces her faith. She cannot raise her daughters in such a horrible religion. She is the apostate. She sees her daughter do something profound, a tale that she is lying, and serves as a reference. Why did you lie for your sister? She then returns back for the final battle. This is the character scene. Detective Perish in a final battle with The Lost Boys, kills a few of them and saves Eliza and Detective Perish.




The disappearance of a Navajo Native American adult that was suing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for sexually abusing them while participating in a church-operated Indian Student Placement Program.investigates


Detective Perish investigates the murder and disappearance of a Young Catholic Nun in Salt Lake City.



Detective Perish investigates the disappearance of young aspiring actress connected to Scientology in Utah that takes her to Los Angeles. 



Detective Perish investigates The Creativity Movement (formerly known as World Church Of The Creator), is a white separatist organization that advocates the whites-only religion, Creativity in Texas. Detective Perish investigates a violent sect of the Seventh-Day Adventist in Oregon. 

The End

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